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Senz umbrella case

For protection of my lifelong umbrella I needed a case that would be strong and water tight. That way, people in the train will not get wet from my umbrella. And being not so gentle myself, i needed a very strong case. The umbrella is a Senz. Great design . More information can be found at [nggallery id=30 ]

abiko house


homefinalsm.jpgAbiko house was original a classical Japanese house. Free standing with a garden. Build just after the second world war. With tatamis, shoojies, 2.40m height ceiling, dark, simple. Monique van Kerkhof and me modified the home to make it more open and let sunlight be our friend in many ways. We took out the ceiling and


Robot removes kidney


A robot has for the first time removed a kidney with only a single incision.

Using the da Vinci surgical robot from Intuitive Surgical Inc. (Sunnyvale, Calif.), the Henry Ford Hospital (Detroit) recently removed a diseased kidney using a new procedure designed by its surgeon, Craig Roger. The procedure, which has now been performed on two patients, proving a concept which could