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keitai.jpghalf of the 6.600.000.000 people wondering around the earth will have mobile phones by 2010. after only 25 years this product was so successful that half of the population will use one. in 1982 not many people could have image that that by current standard bulky piece of electronics hardware would have changed our social structure. as human being we love to socialize. we


New Anthum for the Netherlands for 2020 (based on current one)

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In the light of changing global awareness and a strive toward one world system hereby a proposal to change the anthem to a modern and a more global oriented version. The text has also be modified to replace the historical events with current ones. the idea came when I realized i was suppose to sing the


High tech solution in JR Otemachi station toilet

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Ever though about high tech japan. Take a look at this great construction to prevent a person getting wet from the moister leakage of the air-conditioner.