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shifting consciousness from one level to an other

bondage of bungle of aluminum cans


walking on the street and hearing the sounds of aluminum cans behind me. I turn and see this big bungle of plastic bags and can passing by. a person hidden in themiddle like being bondage with the cans. maybe an other picture for Nobuyoshi Araki.

40 years

(misc, thoughts)
After 40 years in use, it had to go. It went out without a lot pain and that incident made me believe that, we humans, are slaves of time. Just at the same time as rumors of the God particle apear in the news. One goes and the other replaces the lost one. Allthough the domains of use are different, they seems so related to ...

other viewpoint

(graphics, thoughts)

other-viewpoint_3_2011-09-25_14-09-51 though the eyes of children we all look a bit alike