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Cheap “IPOD Nano” mp3 player


<br />Last week i came across this wonderful cheap mp3 player. and i was amused what it could do for the price of only 4000 yen. but the interface was so ugly and after some research on the web i found the chips firmware and a group of people who make mods for them. I downloaded the software for


Dentist in Weesp




dentist in Weesp. In a old church. the mixture between new old, pain, death, birth, high tech, etc is very refreshing.

new ascii symbol


kiss-kiss.jpgSymbols are often created to express oneself more simply and though limited communication channels. So why do not make an ascii version for a kiss (emoticon)? Instead of expression icons. The symbol presents two persons kissing seem from above. Can be made in many variables with different color lips, different color eyes etc. Emoticons are already