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shifting consciousness from one level to an other

pregnant symbol japan train (revised)


create because of the pregant mind of someone in love should also be counted as an "handicaped" person and so should have a seat at the train.

the text mentioned yuka insteat of akachan (child).

i created this for a t-shirt.

Dentist in Weesp




dentist in Weesp. In a old church. the mixture between new old, pain, death, birth, high tech, etc is very refreshing.



magic-bus.jpgmagicbus was an office of friends of my. i designed the layout and coloring of the space in coordination of the staff. the tables are individual colors to reflect the personalities of the workers. magicbus doesn't exist any more. one of the owners, roland biegel, works full time for adidas and the other owner, grant Buchwald, started his own company.