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NCCJ mug


 </p> <p>nccj asked me to make a mug for special presents to presenters. hereby the cg.


(homepages, offices)

motherlondon1.jpgfriend of mine suggested me to look at motherlondon homepage. i was surprised. I thought about 9 years ago about this concept of having a homepage with interaction of the viewer inside a company and pointing out the persons working there. at that time there was not a plug-in that could do that. i tested with viewpoint plug-in


Who is Suing who?


of apps and scraps

not being used to such a collectivist set-up, apple refused to pay up, which triggered the first big legal skirmish over smart-phones. a year ago nokia lobbed a lawsuit at apple, alleging that its american rival’s iphone infringes on a number of its “essential patents”. a couple of months later, apple returned the favour, alleging that