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(clients, events)
  • organizing TEDxaoyama for recording/streaming/editing video with only volunteers and hardly any budget.
  • creating logo.
  • Event information look at the TEDx Site.
  • Canadien embassy , Aoyama Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan / December 9th, 2010   9:00am-9:00pm (GMT 9hrs)

fruit heaven if you can pay for it


fruitshop2.jpgabout a month ago i went to midtown in roppongi and came cross a special shop filled with wonderful delicious fruits. a pity they where out of reach of my budget. I didn't have 21.000 yen for a melon.

The Netherlands Embassy Tokyo


wapen_welkom.gifWork for the embassy includes maintenance, graphics, website setup, custom software development for economic section, custom software for the dutch citizens in japan for an earthquake alert system with the use of mobile phones and database registration, etc.