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367 yen christmas tree


cristmas-tree.jpgStill enjoying a fabulous crismastree i bought just before Christmas. 367 yen made in china. Put some lights in there with adjustable speed, pattern and runs on rechargeable batteries. Christmas could have never been celebrated smaller for me.

New Anthum for the Netherlands for 2020 (based on current one)

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In the light of changing global awareness and a strive toward one world system hereby a proposal to change the anthem to a modern and a more global oriented version. The text has also be modified to replace the historical events with current ones. the idea came when I realized i was suppose to sing the


Paper-thin batteries set to arrive by 2010

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Scientists at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Electronic Nano Systems together with colleagues from Chemnitz University of Technology and Menippos GmbH (all based in Chemnitz, Germany) collaborated on product development. They are targeting applications such as smart credit cards with battery-powered displays to show balances and other account information.