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new ascii symbol


kiss-kiss.jpgSymbols are often created to express oneself more simply and though limited communication channels. So why do not make an ascii version for a kiss (emoticon)? Instead of expression icons. The symbol presents two persons kissing seem from above. Can be made in many variables with different color lips, different color eyes etc. Emoticons are already


Theo Jansen animals

(hardware, misc)

What a pleasure to see these pieces of "living" kinetic art sculptures. Take a look at till 12-04-2009 his work can be seen and touched in Hibiya(japanese)

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bda_logo.jpgBusiness Development Asia from their website: BDA was established in 1996, since when we have assisted numerous multinational corporations and financial investors to increase strategic value by bringing to bear our knowledge and expertise on transactions and alliances between companies in Asia and the West.

BDA has teams of dedicated professionals located across Asia, the