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Memristor (2)


the memristor is formally defined[4] as a two-terminal element in which the magnetic flux φm between the terminals is a function of the amount of electric charge qthat has passed through the device. each memristor is characterized by its memristance function describing the charge-dependent rate of change of flux with charge.


new years card 2008-2


This second card is much more daring. It was taken for a picture I took in Holland of a dead rat that the cat of my sister brought into their boat. It always made me curious about what is life about, How do we live and how we die. We often




keitai.jpghalf of the 6.600.000.000 people wondering around the earth will have mobile phones by 2010. after only 25 years this product was so successful that half of the population will use one. in 1982 not many people could have image that that by current standard bulky piece of electronics hardware would have changed our social structure. as human being we love to socialize. we