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shifting consciousness from one level to an other



synrobnie.jpgperformance based on the synestesia. The confusing of the senses special strong with new born. i the first 6 months of our lives the brain can not discriminate between the senses. so taste becomes light, light becomes pain, sounds become visual. the same kind of mix was happening at a politic level in japan . no clear


Queensday 2010

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Queensday 2010

"fishy" version of the Dutch anthem.

Robot removes kidney


A robot has for the first time removed a kidney with only a single incision.

Using the da Vinci surgical robot from Intuitive Surgical Inc. (Sunnyvale, Calif.), the Henry Ford Hospital (Detroit) recently removed a diseased kidney using a new procedure designed by its surgeon, Craig Roger. The procedure, which has now been performed on two patients, proving a concept which could