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shifting consciousness from one level to an other

“Als je krul maar goed zit” part 2


<br />In 1995 I made a Computer Graphics a criticize of the values and norms around me. Hereby I have to revise them. although at the time it seems right to me to make those statements i now consider them limited. the values then where based on a "surface" model of the norms. not about the personal




bda_logo.jpgBusiness Development Asia from their website: BDA was established in 1996, since when we have assisted numerous multinational corporations and financial investors to increase strategic value by bringing to bear our knowledge and expertise on transactions and alliances between companies in Asia and the West.

BDA has teams of dedicated professionals located across Asia, the



(homepages, offices)

motherlondon1.jpgfriend of mine suggested me to look at motherlondon homepage. i was surprised. I thought about 9 years ago about this concept of having a homepage with interaction of the viewer inside a company and pointing out the persons working there. at that time there was not a plug-in that could do that. i tested with viewpoint plug-in