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boss desk


img_0996.jpgever though that the boss always has the biggest desk? think again, look again. The boss at van der architects switched his big white desk to something he really needed. a small desk for his laptop and a wall full of books and now he has much more space for his meetings with his clients and room to walk


(graphics, homepages) was created together with tomo suzuki. The interface is multi layered and software the design is made as a 3d layers with a rail system see the drawing.(soon to be there)


(clients, homepages)

vda-1-client.jpgVDAJ=van der architects. an (as the name suggest) archchitect firm in Denenchofu in tokyo. ceo is martin van der linden. they design beautiful office spaces and even their own office of a visual pleasure. could be even a tourist attraction in denenchofu. located not for from the station. take a look at their website