Private, project and “live” studio located in the heart of Shibuya in surprisingly silent surroundings. Relaxing atmosphere.

Suitable for Live recordings upto 6-7 musicians with a small audience. Fully equipped, with carefully selected drums, basses, guitars and keyboards, all ready to play.

Recording equipment with hand-build pre-amps and cabling, high-end playback system and headphone distribution system with individual mix capability.

Both in studio and on location recording with full portable pre-amps, converters and DAW setup.

Proprietor: Pieter Franken


40m2, single “live” room
3 meter ceilings
Sound proof, underground – very low background noise levels
Solid Oak, floating floor
Partially, antique brick walls
Studio door and double doors
Dedicated, isolated, power supplies with separate lines for 100V and 120V equipment
All Neutrik, lead soldered custom cabling by Mogami/Belden/Neumann/Gautham
K&M stands
Dry area
120” Video Screen
Vintage Blues Brother Poster
Industry standard Harman Miller Aero Director Chair!


Ludwig wood shell (1959), Ludwig steel snare (1963) 5”, Rogers Dynasonic Chrome over brass 6.5” (1967)
Rogers Drum kit (1972) – 22” – 16” – 13” – 12”
DW Jazz Kit (early manufacture – 20” (Eb) – 16” (Bb) – 12” (F), DW beaters, stands and throne
Holy Grail Cymbals (1950’s vintage remake, handmade in Portland)
Percussion: Wind chimes, Bongos, shakers, (more) cowbells, etc
Drum computers: Roland TR-09

Stingray, Fender Mustang PJ bass, Marcus Miller Sire S7 Jazz Bass
ARIA SWB Standup Electric Bass
Amgeg B15N, PF20, Micro-CL, 210 SVT, PQ15, Fender Rumble 40, Aguilar Tonehammer 350, Effect Pedals: API Bass, Radial Tonebone, Aquilar Chronosaurus, Agro, TLC, Filter Twin, Zoom B60, Ampeg compressor
Avalon U5 DI, ACME Motown DI
Fender/Yamaha hybrid stratocaster, Audio Kitchen Little Chopper
Fender Princeton Reverb Custom w 12” Alico Celestion and NOS tubes
Fender Blues Junior 10” w NOS Tubes, Mesa 112 cab w GT75 16ohm
Vox Mini Amp, Roland Jazz Chorus JC-22, Orange 20 crunch
Various effect Pedals: API, MiniFoogers, Strymon, MXR Carbon Copy, EH Little Stone, Radial Tonebone, Yamaha, BOSS, TC Electronic Ditto
Radial J48 DI, PZ-DI and Re-amp

Fender Rhodes Mk1 Stage Piano (1977), Nord Electro 4 HP,
MultiVox Little David, Strymon Lex paddle, Leslie 2101mk2
Yamaha DP5 Grand Electric Piano (fully weighted, grand piano class keyboard)
Moog Sub-phatty, Mother-32, Behringer Model D, Euro Rack Modular Synths
Korg MS-20, Korg Air 25
Spectrasonics: Keyscape + Trilian, IK Media: B3 + Leslie
Radial KL-8 Keyboard Mixer with dual USB and MIDI interfaces
Lexicon Stereo Reverb and FX
Motu Midi Express (4×4 MIDI router)


Tube: Neumann U47, UM57, M147 Avantone C12 (custom), BV-47 (M7), Rode NTK pair

LDC: Neumann U87 pair, U89 pair, U69 FET, TLM49, TLM102, Geffel UM70S, WA87, AKG 414-BLS pair, Sanken CU41 pair, CUS-301, Sony C38B pair, Beyer MC740, AT 4050 pair,
United Audio Fet47, Twin87 Shure PGA181 pair, Sterling ST55

SDC: Schoeps CMC6-KM22 & KM2S pair, CMC-5 MK4, CMT-56 pair, AKG 451E pair (vintage)
Neumann KM184 pair, KMS104+,105, Geffel VM200, M70 pair DPA 4099 x4, Shure SM87A, SM81 x2, 98H x4, 185, Earthworks: QTC40 x4, SR25 x3, DM20 x3, PianoMic Rode S3, Sontronics C10 x2

Ribbon: Coles 4038 pair, Royer 121, R10 x2, Beyerdynamic M130 x2, M160 x3, M500C,
AEA 84, N22, Sontronics Delta, Rode NTR, B&O BM4 (vintage)

Dynamic: Beyerdynamic M88N(C), M88TG, M69N(C), M201 x3, M420N(C) M99TG EV RE20,
Sennheiser MD421 x2, MD431, MD441 x3, MD906 x2, MD609, E845, AKG D12, D112,
Shure SM7B, SM57s, SM58, SM57beta, SM58beta, Super55, Rode M1, Sanken MO-211

Modeling: Townsend L22, Austrian Audio OC818 pair, Slate VMS-Vintage (ML-1), ML-2 pair

Boundary: Shure 91A x2, Crown PCC160 x2, Soundgrabber x2

Speciality: Ear Trumpet Lab Nadine (bass), Solomon LoFreQ (NS10), Zeppelin Cortado contact mics,
Sennheiser MKH416 pair (boom) pair, Beyerdynamic MC 836 (boom) MC72, AE2500 (kick)

Wireless: Shure PGXD: SM58beta, Lavier, 98H (brass), Instrument DI, Sennheiser WSX-D



Mix and Mastering Studio – 38×34 I/O channels:
UAD Apollo 16 Mk2 x2 + UAD Twin Mk2, SSL2+
Antelope Pure2 Mastering ADA with outboard 10MHz ultra stable external master clock
500 point Patch-panel for routing snake boxes and inserts on all inputs and outputs
Meitner MA-1 Reference DAC, Gustard true R2R DAC, Korg MR-2000S DSD recorder
SSL SiX Console – Monitor control, 12 channel summing bus, mastering chain
SSL Fusion, SSL Bus+, Dangerous LIASON Mastering switcher and 2-BUS summing.

The Mobile Rig – 48×32 channels:
UAD Apollo 8p + 16 (24×24)
UAD Twin (2 analog / 4 ADAT)
UAD 4-710d (4 tube pre’s and 4 line in / 8 ADAT)
MUTEC Master Clock 96/192
MOTU USB Midi Express

Logic Pro / LUNA / Pro Tools 12 / Studio One
SSL Nucleus console, Presonus Faderport 1
Softube Console 1 and Fader 1 with SSL4000, SSL9000, Neve, ELI, Weiss, and API strips
TC2290, TC8240, TC1220, TC Stereo Meter
UAD plugins + UAD Octo (total 18 cores on hand)
Weiss. SLL, Softube, Slate, Plugin Alliance, Izotope, Moog, Waves Gold bundles and more

OUTBOARD PRE/EQ/COMP/LIM/FX (Fully patchable, Full Mastering rack)

2x Neve 1272 (vintage 1272 Neve with Marinair transformers)
2x Neve 1073 PDX (Pre, DI, EQ, converter card), 2x Neve 1073LB
3x BAE 1073 MPF
12x AML 1073 pre/line (Carnhill transformers)
4x SK 1073 (Carnhill transformers), 2x SK 1073EQ
8x CAPI VP-28 (72db, dual stage 2520 based)
2x CAPI VP-312 (API 312 clone w API vintage 2550)
2x SKIBBE 736-5 (germanium, based on the Flinckenger Sly Stone mixing desk)
2x UA 610 (tube pre’s)
1x Midas XL42 dual channel strip
1x AEA500 (ribon pre), 1x SK 566 Tube pre, 1x SK 512

1x SSL Fusion
1x Manley Stereo Variable Mu (T-bar), Massive Passive Mastering version
1x Masalec MLA-2
1x Retro 2A3 stereo Pultec EQ
1x Bettermaker Mastering EQ
1x Dangerous BAX-EQ, 2-BUS, LIAISON
1x Teletronix LA-2A
1x Retro STA-LEVEL
1x Summit Audio DCL-200, 2x Summit Audio Pultec EQ
3x UA 1167
1x FATSO EL7x, 2x Distressor EL8-X, 1x DerrEsser
1x CALREC RQD6400 (dual stereo comp/lim)
1x KT-LA2 w Kinetec opto unit and Philips NOS tubes
1x MIDAS XL-42
1x Al Smith SLL 4000k Bus

2x SSL 611EQ, 1x SSL 611dyn
2x API550b, , 2x API560, 1x API656, 2x CAPI 553 (550 equiv), 2x CAPI 25 (560 equiv)
1x Elysia xfilter (stereo)
1x Shadow Hills Stereo Dual Vandengraf
1x AMS-Neve RMX16 (reverb unit), 2x AML 52F50
4x dbx160A, 2x dbx560A,
2x Midas 510EQ
2x SK LA2, 2x SK 1176, 2x SK Pulltec PQ1
2x SK TS500 (tape sims), 2x Roger Mayer 456HD (tape sims)
1x SK 4500 (SSL 4000 stereo bus compressor)
1x IGS Stereo Pultec “Rubber Bands”
1x TK Mini Blender

Presonus HP6 (headphone distributions for 6 HP with 2 main mixes (e.g. mian + click) and one dedicated mono mix per channel), Presonus HP2 distributors
Tracking Headphones: Beyer 1770 Pro, 770 Pro, DirectSound EX29, 3x Shure 880/440, 3x AT20

BAREFOOT Footprint 1 (full range), Auratone Mono, SonarWorks
Full range in room reference audio system (Meitner Dac, Marantz 2 Tube amps)
Mixing Headphones: Sennheiser HD800, Beyer 1770 Pro, Avantone Mix HP, Shure 880


Philip Woo

A Few Minutes with Philip Woo

Rumiko Imai (Live)

Leila Fay – Lost in your eyes again (Studio)

Michael Roberts w Juna Serita and others (Studio)

NYTC at b-Flat (Live)

Bob Ward / Current Sounds (Studio)

Steve Sachs (Studio)

The Maguire Twins feat. Jonathan Katz & Tony Guppy (Live)

Sarah w David Berkman (Live)


Philip Woo and Nao (Studio)

Philip Woo and Ashoton Moore (StudioLive)

Gene Jackson Trio w Patt Glyn and Makoto Oka (StudioLive)

Chriss Koyama and Fumika Asari (StudioLive)

Bruce Hubner and Andy Bevan (StudioLive)

Chris Hardy and Andy Bevan (StudioLive)