MEMS microbots square off in Alaska

the mmc, a product of collaboration between the national institute of standards and technology (nist) and the ieee robotics and automation society to create the mobile microrobotics challenge, features seven teams competing with micron-scale robots on three tasks. in the two-millimeter dash, the robots will sprint down a track the size of a pinhead. in the second task, the robots will attempt to insert correct pegs into the correct holes. the final freeform task will be up to the teams, but is supposed to demonstrate system reliability, a high level of autonomy, ultra low power consumption and high task complexity.

Cheap “IPOD Nano” mp3 player

<br />Last week i came across this wonderful cheap mp3 player. and i was amused what it could do for the price of only 4000 yen. but the interface was so ugly and after some research on the web i found the chips firmware and a group of people who make mods for them. I downloaded the software for importing/exporting the firmware and started coding. See here the results. This little "ipod nano" clone. doesn't use I tunes so any mp3 music can be used. it's 220 by 16