from a trip long time ago. current western societies do often not have any clean ritual for the transistion between boyhood and being an adult man. so we should create a transition from living in a family to living by oneself .

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Great TV Rebellion

kids and adults around the world participated in the biomimicry institute’s great tv rebellion of 2010 by turning off their televisions and other entertainment devices for all or part of earth week (april 19-25). we encouraged our tv rebels to keep journals of their outdoor experiences and share their stories with us. we even had a drawing with awesome prizes donated from our friends at pacific outdoor equipment.

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Blue Economy

blue-economics_2_2010-04-12_07-32-24upcoming book of gunter pauli

during the past five years, gunter pauli focused on identifying the innovations that could shift the present management model based on core business and core competence to one that introduces multiple innovations generating multiple cash flows, responding to all basic needs with what is locally available, generating jobs and building up social capital

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Strengthening the global non-proliferation regime for a global zero

global_zero__2010-03-08_22-04-36● panelists were:

Reinhard Bütikofer  Vice Chairman, Alliance 90/ The Greens in the European Parliament , Oliver Meier International Arms Control Association,  Gudrun Wacker German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Ambassador Nobuyasu Abe, Japan Tetsuro Fukuyama State Secretary for Foreign Affairs

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