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shifting consciousness from one level to an other


support as it should be

I would consider the help the Chinese animal lovers gave the dogs a example how we could help fellow inhabitats of this world.

other viewpoint

other-viewpoint_3_2011-09-25_14-09-51 though the eyes of children we all look a bit alike


grey_1_2011-09-23_15-47-56grey as in between white and black

Fish Free Friday


Wonderful and nice drawn gallery on why not to eat fish on friday. More can be found at:

40 years

After 40 years in use, it had to go. It went out without a lot pain and that incident made me believe that, we humans, are slaves of time. Just at the same time as rumors of the God particle apear in the news. One goes and the other replaces the lost one. Allthough the domains of use are different, they seems so related to ...

2011 the year of the Rabbit.

to know more makes better judgment about what is right or wrong. to close the eyes is only a escape, if the reality is to harsh.

Great TV Rebellion

kids and adults around the world participated in the biomimicry institute's great tv rebellion of 2010 by turning off their televisions and other entertainment devices for all or part of earth week (april 19-25). we encouraged our tv rebels to keep journals of their outdoor experiences and share their stories with us. we even had a drawing with awesome


Artificial life? Synthetic genes ‘boot up’ cell

(reuters) - scientists working to make a synthetic life form reported a major step forward thursday, saying they had created an artificial genome and used it to bring a hollowed-out bacterium back to life.

they hope to use their stripped-down version of a bacterium to learn how to engineer custom-made microbes.

Koinobori no hi 2010

Two kind of "koi-no-bori" no hi pictures.

One is Koi bito no bori no painting and the other is a eatable koi no bori no flag.

Queensday 2010

Queensday 2010

"fishy" version of the Dutch anthem.

Blue Economy

blue-economics_2_2010-04-12_07-32-24upcoming book of gunter pauli

during the past five years, gunter pauli focused on identifying the innovations that could shift the present management model based on core business and core competence to one that introduces multiple innovations generating multiple cash flows, responding to all basic needs with what is locally available, generating jobs and building up social capital

symbols in midtown

like the sequence of the icons

Books and Batteries

New Anthum for the Netherlands for 2020 (based on current one)

<br />

In the light of changing global awareness and a strive toward one world system hereby a proposal to change the anthem to a modern and a more global oriented version. The text has also be modified to replace the historical events with current ones. the idea came when I realized i was suppose to sing the


Breast cancer checkup for crashdummy


Just by accident I came across this picture. made me think about our relations towards robots, virtual lives, the sesitivity of us thinking we are special in our feelings. we could program new machines to be more like us or even better (Irobot movie comes in my mind). Special considering the discovery of the


“Als je krul maar goed zit” part 2

<br />In 1995 I made a Computer Graphics a criticize of the values and norms around me. Hereby I have to revise them. although at the time it seems right to me to make those statements i now consider them limited. the values then where based on a "surface" model of the norms. not about the personal


Cave drawings in Meguro (Tokyo)

</p>modern cavemen in megruro paint on their wall sin their caves, while just close to them the big wild beasts are rumbling. they fight the same nature element as their grand-grand-grand fathers. fighting against nature and time to resolve our struggle gains it. we as a human race din's really change so much.

koinobori no hito or koibito no bori

<br />on a thought about the festival of koinobori (05/05).do the carps love each other and are swimming into the air or are the lovers hanging like fags into the wind ?


en01_apr_80-small.jpgLyrics from "Beauty" by Einst


blote-billen-rob.gifwhen i did have "horns" i used this animated figure to freshen up my emails.


calvinlifeisshort.jpgNaked we are born,(often) naked we multiply, naked we should be when we die because there isn