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shifting consciousness from one level to an other



synrobnie.jpgperformance based on the synestesia. The confusing of the senses special strong with new born. i the first 6 months of our lives the brain can not discriminate between the senses. so taste becomes light, light becomes pain, sounds become visual. the same kind of mix was happening at a politic level in japan . no clear


Seeing the world though different eyes

p/p /a/p
pa performance I have done  at the unu in shibuya tokyo. the performance was layout and tested in a 3d model of the space.


16 inches

16inches1.jpg16 inches is the offset of a stone at stone hedge that was errected in 1965 after it felt down. but was placed 16 inches of it original place. At that time the people doing the restoration thought they where exactly. But later computer simulation showed that the original placement was 16 inches