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magic-bus.jpgmagicbus was an office of friends of my. i designed the layout and coloring of the space in coordination of the staff. the tables are individual colors to reflect the personalities of the workers. magicbus doesn't exist any more. one of the owners, roland biegel, works full time for adidas and the other owner, grant Buchwald, started his own company.




john crain a good friends of me. stared his office in 2000 and wanted to have a not standard layout and clean design. I designed and built the office.


motherlondon1.jpgfriend of mine suggested me to look at motherlondon homepage. i was surprised. I thought about 9 years ago about this concept of having a homepage with interaction of the viewer inside a company and pointing out the persons working there. at that time there was not a plug-in that could do that. i tested with viewpoint plug-in