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Analog make-over of Digital data

Had to change my QR code because I changed my phone number a long time ago but I did have many busnis cards with the old OR code. So I made an Analog make-over of digital data.

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Nature and Numbers (kind of 987/910)

a short movie by Cristóbal Vila about the relations in nature and numbers.

Birthday button

birthday button. designed by yuka hayashi (my darling). concept is my birthday expressed in small green and black rhinestones. the green diamonds are the pointers in the decimal counting from bottom to top. the columns present the place of the date starting with the year. the black diamonds are the not pointers. so the first colum reads 2 the second


Cave drawings in Meguro (Tokyo)

</p>modern cavemen in megruro paint on their wall sin their caves, while just close to them the big wild beasts are rumbling. they fight the same nature element as their grand-grand-grand fathers. fighting against nature and time to resolve our struggle gains it. we as a human race din's really change so much.


keitai.jpghalf of the 6.600.000.000 people wondering around the earth will have mobile phones by 2010. after only 25 years this product was so successful that half of the population will use one. in 1982 not many people could have image that that by current standard bulky piece of electronics hardware would have changed our social structure. as human being we love to socialize. we



like every sequence defined by linear recurrence, the fibonacci numbers have a closed-form solution. it has become known as binet's formula, even though it was already known by abraham de moivre:[11]

F\left(n\right) = {{\varphi^n-(1-\varphi)^n} \over {\sqrt 5}}={{\varphi^n-(-1/\varphi)^{n}} \over {\sqrt 5}}\, ,