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Delayed Chistmas Breakfast 2011



from the balcony


Bob Pease dies in accident

Another sad loss for the analog-design community, and the engineering world as a whole: Bob Pease, analog circuit-design expert, was killed in a car crash Saturday (June 18), after leaving a private service for Jim Williams, who passed away a week before.

Fish Free Friday


Wonderful and nice drawn gallery on why not to eat fish on friday. More can be found at:

work of a genius (Jim Williams)

Very sad news: Jim Williams of Linear Technology Corp—one of the world's best analog-circuit designers, experimenter, hands-on guy, project genius, damn nice guy, story teller, mentor, eternal student, engineer, collector of historical scientific instruments, master of true and measurable precision and accuracy, and much more—passed away unexpectedly. Many of you know of him though his detailed, voluminous


40 years

After 40 years in use, it had to go. It went out without a lot pain and that incident made me believe that, we humans, are slaves of time. Just at the same time as rumors of the God particle apear in the news. One goes and the other replaces the lost one. Allthough the domains of use are different, they seems so related to ...

LEGO Glasses


Dentist in Weesp



dentist in Weesp. In a old church. the mixture between new old, pain, death, birth, high tech, etc is very refreshing.


the award for what environmentalists regard as the world's "most evil corporation of the year" will be presented this week to a reluctant winner, with finalists ranging from the manufacturer of your ipod to the troubled oil giant bp.


Graphoepitaxy is an interplay of the surface-block interaction and phase separation force of the block copolymers

Plastic bag

Filmed in the style of a nature documentary and narrated by Academy Award-winner Jeremy Irons, this "mockumentary", though lighthearted in tone, hammers home the stark reality of California’s plastic bag pollution situation. View on YouTube and share to help get AB 1998 approved by the Senate!

The dolphin slaughter.

at what age of humanity do we have to arrive to realize that the life of our fellow creature around us are just as important as our selves? (photos from klaksvic on the faroe islands). for more detail look at

T-shirt September 01

made for t-short that i worn one week before the opening of the dolphin hunt in japan.


from a trip long time ago. current western societies do often not have any clean ritual for the transistion between boyhood and being an adult man. so we should create a transition from living in a family to living by oneself .

New Fairy Tales

We have to teach our children new fairy tales or show hem the real monsters. Or let them read "the fast Food Nation" as mandatory reading at school.

Yamazaki Office Visit

office_1_2010-06-28_01-28-44visit to yamaszaki office on june 28 2010.

Kraaijvanger earrings

Made for Dirkjan from kraaijvanger. urbis to give to a collage as a present for all the work she had done for their visit to japan. The design relfects the color and use of space of the businesscard of his company.



Robot set Earrings


Super Super Glue

sandcastle worms are the key to finding a glue that can replace pins and screws for repairing broken bones by working in a wet environment.

traditional methods of using pins and screws to mend broken bones is as outdated as those bolts protruding from the neck of frankenstein's monster. the smarter way to mend bones


roof of dij

roof_1_2009-07-15_23-05-52Some pictures from the roof at DIJ.

Memristor minds: The future of artificial intelligence

EVER had the feeling something is missing? If so, you're in good company. Dmitri Mendeleev did in 1869 when he noticed four gaps in his periodic table. They turned out to be the undiscovered elements scandium, gallium, technetium and germanium. Paul Dirac did in 1929 when he looked deep into the quantum-mechanical equation he had formulated to describe the electron. Besides


High tech solution in JR Otemachi station toilet

Ever though about high tech japan. Take a look at this great construction to prevent a person getting wet from the moister leakage of the air-conditioner.

Paper-thin batteries set to arrive by 2010

Scientists at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Electronic Nano Systems together with colleagues from Chemnitz University of Technology and Menippos GmbH (all based in Chemnitz, Germany) collaborated on product development. They are targeting applications such as smart credit cards with battery-powered displays to show balances and other account information.

simple earring

<br />

Simple earring. made from carbon fibre rot and orange foam.

New Anthum for the Netherlands for 2020 (based on current one)

<br />

In the light of changing global awareness and a strive toward one world system hereby a proposal to change the anthem to a modern and a more global oriented version. The text has also be modified to replace the historical events with current ones. the idea came when I realized i was suppose to sing the


Theo Jansen animals

What a pleasure to see these pieces of "living" kinetic art sculptures. Take a look at till 12-04-2009 his work can be seen and touched in Hibiya(japanese)

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Breast cancer checkup for crashdummy


Just by accident I came across this picture. made me think about our relations towards robots, virtual lives, the sesitivity of us thinking we are special in our feelings. we could program new machines to be more like us or even better (Irobot movie comes in my mind). Special considering the discovery of the


Birthday button

birthday button. designed by yuka hayashi (my darling). concept is my birthday expressed in small green and black rhinestones. the green diamonds are the pointers in the decimal counting from bottom to top. the columns present the place of the date starting with the year. the black diamonds are the not pointers. so the first colum reads 2 the second


UNU and Rain


These are the hard times for children and the unu. especially in times of financial crises often the children do have to sit in the rain. but we should support them with colorful opportunities to sit dry and


<br />
Sometimes similar colors do seem to have an attraction towards them self as shown in the below pictures.

bondage of bungle of aluminum cans


walking on the street and hearing the sounds of aluminum cans behind me. I turn and see this big bungle of plastic bags and can passing by. a person hidden in themiddle like being bondage with the cans. maybe an other picture for Nobuyoshi Araki.

Robot removes kidney


A robot has for the first time removed a kidney with only a single incision.

Using the da Vinci surgical robot from Intuitive Surgical Inc. (Sunnyvale, Calif.), the Henry Ford Hospital (Detroit) recently removed a diseased kidney using a new procedure designed by its surgeon, Craig Roger. The procedure, which has now been performed on two patients, proving a concept which could


Broken Legs fixed soon. No gips no long recovery


PLease be aware this is not so gentle procedure and blood is show and other "normal" medical practices are

Wedding Wendela Elsen and Yuuichira Nakajima

<br />Editing video of the Wedding Wendela Elsen and Yuuichira Nakajima.

Shinagawa Yamanote Delay Video

<br />while waiting for a train at Shinagawa station . I noticed someone screaming, looked and shot this short video.

wa burger

an unexpected supprise of having some left over dinner and some fresh muffins. a wa(kame)burger. Just wakame, pepperoni, Camembert cheese and a English muffin made a great lunch

bed advertisement

<p></p>nice advertisement of boconcept of Denmark. The idee to sell the concepts by insinuation is nice.more information about boconcept can be found at


stopdas-icon.jpg at a meeting of the nccj, Ronald Scherpenhuijsen Rom of ing and me, where the only one without one. the common "no tieers" started a conversation about tie's and orange. which ended in Roland sending me the only tie I own now. it looks like a puzzle of "find wally" . Find wally


fruit heaven if you can pay for it

fruitshop2.jpgabout a month ago i went to midtown in roppongi and came cross a special shop filled with wonderful delicious fruits. a pity they where out of reach of my budget. I didn't have 21.000 yen for a melon.

367 yen christmas tree

cristmas-tree.jpgStill enjoying a fabulous crismastree i bought just before Christmas. 367 yen made in china. Put some lights in there with adjustable speed, pattern and runs on rechargeable batteries. Christmas could have never been celebrated smaller for me.

homeless man and his ipod

ipod-homeless.jpgin the subway standing in the middle of the pass way suddenly a smelly man, unshaved, looking bewildered and having many bags. Just by himself, bystanders do not seem to see him. They just pass by. But if one looks close a big surprise. He is listing on his Ipod nano light geen maybe one month



needed a few year ago a hanko for buying a car. that time it was imposible to do that without it. afer two unsucesfull applying to the city office they accepted it. i had to change for romanji, hirakana and, finally, they acceped katakana.

boss desk

img_0996.jpgever though that the boss always has the biggest desk? think again, look again. The boss at van der architects switched his big white desk to something he really needed. a small desk for his laptop and a wall full of books and now he has much more space for his meetings with his clients and room to walk


new meishi

orange-cow.jpgnew meishi design based on the orange cow with an QR code in it's body to let us look into it's stomach.let us look into the future. a future that propally will be virtual.the signs of it is already beginning with children playing games like their second life and adults creating their own life virual in



blote-billen-rob.gifwhen i did have "horns" i used this animated figure to freshen up my emails.


calvin-tv-web.jpgmy favored point of view about television. how should it, could it be and also how addicted and mind wasting it can be.

Why Apple isn’t Japanese

apple-japan.jpgInteresting article about technology at Newsweek. the article was written by eurotechnologyEver heard of DoCoMo? probably not, unless you happen to live in Japan. NTT DoCoMo is one of the world's biggest wireless phone companies. It operates in a ferociously competitive market, boasts about 50 million customers and has been known to produce cutting-edge technology. By all rights it