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support as it should be

I would consider the help the Chinese animal lovers gave the dogs a example how we could help fellow inhabitats of this world.

Genetic breakthrough may stop mosquitoes spreading malaria

From:The Independent 21 april 2011

Scientists have figured out a way to block the spread of malaria using genetically-modified (GM) mosquitoes that carry synthetic genes to curb the transmission of the blood parasite when the insect bites its human host.

The development is seen as a potential breakthrough in preventing the spread of one of


Proton Beam treatment

Particle accelerators that can blast tumours with pinpoint accuracy are entering the medical mainstream.

When five-year-old Alex Barnes was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour the conventional options were bleak: surgery, followed by radiotherapy, with a strong chance of serious brain damage.

Fortunately, there was another choice. Thanks to the generosity of friends and relatives, the parents of the Leicestershire child were