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Apple picking (how to manipulate the education system in using Mac’s)

Adjustable glasses








Light new

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Senz umbrella case

For protection of my lifelong umbrella I needed a case that would be strong and water tight. That way, people in the train will not get wet from my umbrella. And being not so gentle myself, i needed a very strong case. The umbrella is a Senz. Great design . More information can be found at [nggallery id=30 ]

Bob Pease dies in accident

Another sad loss for the analog-design community, and the engineering world as a whole: Bob Pease, analog circuit-design expert, was killed in a car crash Saturday (June 18), after leaving a private service for Jim Williams, who passed away a week before.

LEGO Glasses



Graphoepitaxy is an interplay of the surface-block interaction and phase separation force of the block copolymers

Memristor (2)

the memristor is formally defined[4] as a two-terminal element in which the magnetic flux φm between the terminals is a function of the amount of electric charge qthat has passed through the device. each memristor is characterized by its memristance function describing the charge-dependent rate of change of flux with charge.



wonderful ego product from Denmark.

MEMS microbots square off in Alaska

the mmc, a product of collaboration between the national institute of standards and technology (nist) and the ieee robotics and automation society to create the mobile microrobotics challenge, features seven teams competing with micron-scale robots on three tasks. in the two-millimeter dash, the robots will sprint down a track the size of a pinhead. in the second task, the robots will



drops_9_2010-02-08_11-40-54 stamper for "hutspot"

High tech solution in JR Otemachi station toilet

Ever though about high tech japan. Take a look at this great construction to prevent a person getting wet from the moister leakage of the air-conditioner.

Paper-thin batteries set to arrive by 2010

Scientists at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Electronic Nano Systems together with colleagues from Chemnitz University of Technology and Menippos GmbH (all based in Chemnitz, Germany) collaborated on product development. They are targeting applications such as smart credit cards with battery-powered displays to show balances and other account information.

Nokia demonstrates energy-harvesting handset



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New light made by yuka hayashi and rob oudendijk. the back of the light projects an ASCII symbol I made a few years ago. presenting two persons kissing.

Theo Jansen animals

What a pleasure to see these pieces of "living" kinetic art sculptures. Take a look at till 12-04-2009 his work can be seen and touched in Hibiya(japanese)

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Birthday button

birthday button. designed by yuka hayashi (my darling). concept is my birthday expressed in small green and black rhinestones. the green diamonds are the pointers in the decimal counting from bottom to top. the columns present the place of the date starting with the year. the black diamonds are the not pointers. so the first colum reads 2 the second


kotasu metal table

working in winter on a metal table isn't that nice. as maarten molenaar discovered a few years ago. we both agreed on it and though about a "fix"for it. Today i implemented it and I have to agree it works nice and a pleasure to work on it. under the metal table i made a wooden structure to support it and them mounted a kotatsu under it with ventilation holes ...

Cheap “IPOD Nano” mp3 player

<br />Last week i came across this wonderful cheap mp3 player. and i was amused what it could do for the price of only 4000 yen. but the interface was so ugly and after some research on the web i found the chips firmware and a group of people who make mods for them. I downloaded the software for



bril2.jpgwhen the time came for mechanical adjustment of my focus length i couldn't find a model of glasses i liked so i made my own.the frame is made from carbon fiber and the "glasses" them self are bought from a 100yen shop from cheap reading glasses and cut by a fine saw. The whole construction is glued together with 5


passive dynamic biped walking robots

denise.jpgBiped walking robots (TU Delft) or how complex can one make a simple function?
Since the start of the Delft Biorobotics Laboratory research has been done on the development of walking bipeds, based on the principle of passive dynamic walking. The backgrounds and history of this research are given in a separate document. All the


refueling car robot

refueling-robot.jpgCame cross some innovated dutch robots. could not have image Japanese robot makers would done this too.

Homepage is here and a Video


pict0408.JPGThe chair/table was designed by Rob Oudendijk. The need for designing it came form his living situation in a old Japanese house and not having a dedicated place for putting a "standard" height table and a standard chair. Table needed to be easy moved out of the way for enter and exit of the chair. Simplicity


abiko house

homefinalsm.jpgAbiko house was original a classical Japanese house. Free standing with a garden. Build just after the second world war. With tatamis, shoojies, 2.40m height ceiling, dark, simple. Monique van Kerkhof and me modified the home to make it more open and let sunlight be our friend in many ways. We took out the ceiling and