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shifting consciousness from one level to an other


Apple picking (how to manipulate the education system in using Mac’s)

Delayed Chistmas Breakfast 2011



cloud_2_2011-09-23_19-46-14serie of pictures taken from a proto type of an eco cloud. the color ones are the could in destress.

other viewpoint

other-viewpoint_3_2011-09-25_14-09-51 though the eyes of children we all look a bit alike

Fukushima Aspirin 2011

fukushima-aspirin-_5_2011-08-05_01-06-38Wine label for wine tasting event.

2011 the year of the Rabbit.

to know more makes better judgment about what is right or wrong. to close the eyes is only a escape, if the reality is to harsh.

Willem Remmelink

created book for 25 year japan of willem remmelink.

Neuromuscular Massage

hiroko yanagi website design. dual langage, wordpress.

Queensday 2010

Queensday 2010

"fishy" version of the Dutch anthem.

Crimson Phoenix

created website for crimson phoenix.(

symbols in midtown

like the sequence of the icons

roof of dij

roof_1_2009-07-15_23-05-52Some pictures from the roof at DIJ.

DIJ homepage renewal


Renewal of the homepage of DIJ in Tokyo.

KU Koe Cow art site

ku-kunstDesign your own Cow/Ku/Koe at

pregnant symbol japan train (revised)

create because of the pregant mind of someone in love should also be counted as an "handicaped" person and so should have a seat at the train.

the text mentioned yuka insteat of akachan (child).

i created this for a t-shirt.

Breast cancer checkup for crashdummy


Just by accident I came across this picture. made me think about our relations towards robots, virtual lives, the sesitivity of us thinking we are special in our feelings. we could program new machines to be more like us or even better (Irobot movie comes in my mind). Special considering the discovery of the


NCCJ mug

 </p> <p>nccj asked me to make a mug for special presents to presenters. hereby the cg.


<br />homepage for YR-design. company for design projects with are related to global issues

  • a better world through design.
  • a world in which differences are resolved by dialog and consensus.
  • a world which respects human rights and human dignity.
  • a world which values social, economic, and environmental sustainable development.


motherlondon1.jpgfriend of mine suggested me to look at motherlondon homepage. i was surprised. I thought about 9 years ago about this concept of having a homepage with interaction of the viewer inside a company and pointing out the persons working there. at that time there was not a plug-in that could do that. i tested with viewpoint plug-in



vda-1-client.jpgVDAJ=van der architects. an (as the name suggest) archchitect firm in Denenchofu in tokyo. ceo is martin van der linden. they design beautiful office spaces and even their own office of a visual pleasure. could be even a tourist attraction in denenchofu. located not for from the station. take a look at their website

... was designed for displaying work of rob oudendijk and monique van kerkhof. to supply information about the work they did together or work they did individually. the concept is designed for fast navigation without clicking the mouse button. the side can let the user have about 150 choices before having to make one mouse click. it was


hagenberg-small.jpghomepage of Roland Hagenberg. created with minimal design concept in mind. used for his displaying and selling his work. based on wordpress free ware software with some plug ins and customized template.


needed a few year ago a hanko for buying a car. that time it was imposible to do that without it. afer two unsucesfull applying to the city office they accepted it. i had to change for romanji, hirakana and, finally, they acceped katakana. was created together with tomo suzuki. The interface is multi layered and software the design is made as a 3d layers with a rail system see the drawing.(soon to be there)

new meishi

orange-cow.jpgnew meishi design based on the orange cow with an QR code in it's body to let us look into it's stomach.let us look into the future. a future that propally will be virtual.the signs of it is already beginning with children playing games like their second life and adults creating their own life virual in


new years card 2008-2


This second card is much more daring. It was taken for a picture I took in Holland of a dead rat that the cat of my sister brought into their boat. It always made me curious about what is life about, How do we live and how we die. We often


new ascii symbol

kiss-kiss.jpgSymbols are often created to express oneself more simply and though limited communication channels. So why do not make an ascii version for a kiss (emoticon)? Instead of expression icons. The symbol presents two persons kissing seem from above. Can be made in many variables with different color lips, different color eyes etc. Emoticons are already