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Delayed Chistmas Breakfast 2011



grey_1_2011-09-23_15-47-56grey as in between white and black

Biwa Lake

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rebuilding Yamada-machi




  • organizing TEDxaoyama for recording/streaming/editing video with only volunteers and hardly any budget.
  • creating logo.
  • Event information look at the TEDx Site.
  • Canadien embassy , Aoyama Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan / December 9th, 2010   9:00am-9:00pm (GMT 9hrs)

Luke and Ayako Wedding in Park

wedding party of Luke and Ayako in Shinjuku-gyoen on a sunny 19 october 2010.

Jyoetsu Factory

short visit to a metal factory that produces filters with very smalls holes in stainless steel and many other stainless steel products. for their website look at

Rice Harvesting 2010

rice harvesting in chiba with friends.

UIA 2011 reception 07-2010

jia reception for the uia board members visit to tokyo. this was an occasion for the ian members to meet again. job vips, cultural attaches of the embassies of several uia member countries, arch. jun aoki and other architects will attend.

the reception was at the "mokuzai kaikan", designed by arch. yamanashi of nikken sekkei who was there for those interested to have


NCCJ/JNS/Kantokring Soccer 2010 event

nccj_jns_soccer_1_2010-06-19_09-16-26In celebration of the 2010 World Cup match between Japan and the Netherlands, JNS (Japan Netherlands Society), NKK (Nederlandse Kring in de Kanto) and the NCCJ have organised a special viewing of the event live on the big screen on Saturday 19 June from 20.00 hrs onwards. This event has kindly been sponsored by FujiFilm (where the event will be


Great TV Rebellion

kids and adults around the world participated in the biomimicry institute's great tv rebellion of 2010 by turning off their televisions and other entertainment devices for all or part of earth week (april 19-25). we encouraged our tv rebels to keep journals of their outdoor experiences and share their stories with us. we even had a drawing with awesome


Claudia Farewell Party 2010


Social Market Economy


ICCJ Del Sole


Hand and Bep 2010


Queensday 2010

Queensday 2010

"fishy" version of the Dutch anthem.

Blue Economy

blue-economics_2_2010-04-12_07-32-24upcoming book of gunter pauli

during the past five years, gunter pauli focused on identifying the innovations that could shift the present management model based on core business and core competence to one that introduces multiple innovations generating multiple cash flows, responding to all basic needs with what is locally available, generating jobs and building up social capital

Fading Borders 2010

fading-borders_8_2010-04-09_07-51-02opening party 2010-04-08  shibuya at le deco


nccj-cccj_8_2010-04-08_08-44-28nccj-cccj event held at oakwood on the 2010-04-08

DIJ forum Obesity

dij_ob_2_2010-04-01_07-03-20policing obesity in japan. health politics and japanese-style risk society

this lecture focuses on the background and the repercussions of the new mandatory special health checkup which has been popularized under the name of metabo health checkup. i will place the japanese government’s long-standing interest in surveying the national body and the recent shift towards mapping adipose bodies into the context of


Strengthening the global non-proliferation regime for a global zero

global_zero__2010-03-08_22-04-36● panelists were:

Reinhard Bütikofer  Vice Chairman, Alliance 90/ The Greens in the European Parliament , Oliver Meier International Arms Control Association,  Gudrun Wacker German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Ambassador Nobuyasu Abe, Japan Tetsuro Fukuyama State Secretary for Foreign Affairs

ANA Hotel Network


IJCC 2010-03

ijcc-2010-opening-05date:     wednesday, 3 march
time:     18:30 doors open, 19:00-21:30 for event
venue:   embassy of ireland, ambassador's residence (minato-ku)

ICCJ 2010-02-22


the italian chamber of commerce in japan (iccj), in collaboration with the australian and new zealand chamber of commerce in japan (anzccj)

Greenmondays 2010-01-22

greenmonadys-17_2_2010-02-22_08-01-48February 22, 2010 from 7pm to 10pm - Pink Cow Restaurant, Shibuya

25% of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 is not an easy target.
Despite an increased use of renewable energy and environment-friendly vehicles, that will not be sufficient. Domestic measures to slash emissions, forest absorption of carbon dioxide and the purchase of emissions credits from oversea; all