organizing TEDxaoyama for recording/streaming/editing video with only volunteers and hardly any budget. creating logo. Event information look at the TEDx Site. Canadien embassy , Aoyama Tokyo Tokyo, Japan / December 9th, 2010   9:00am-9:00pm (GMT 9hrs) flicker pictures event. flicker pictures networking.

UIA 2011 reception 07-2010

jia reception for the uia board members visit to tokyo. this was an occasion for the ian members to meet again. job vips, cultural attaches of the embassies of several uia member countries, arch. jun aoki and other architects will attend.

the reception was at the “mokuzai kaikan”, designed by arch. yamanashi of nikken sekkei who was there for those interested to have a short guided tour of the building.

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NCCJ/JNS/Kantokring Soccer 2010 event

nccj_jns_soccer_1_2010-06-19_09-16-26In celebration of the 2010 World Cup match between Japan and the Netherlands, JNS (Japan Netherlands Society), NKK (Nederlandse Kring in de Kanto) and the NCCJ have organised a special viewing of the event live on the big screen on Saturday 19 June from 20.00 hrs onwards. This event has kindly been sponsored by FujiFilm (where the event will be held in Tokyo Midtown) and by Heineken. Apart from beer, other drinks will also be available, as well as finger food for the price of 2000 Yen per person.

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