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current projects

5 ngeigies building

"Assembled 5 nGeigies, build upon the work of many people at SAFECAST. Ready to be used all over the world. To make the world a more transparent place at least about radiation level."

From 5 nGeigies build without electricity of Tepco or Kepco. Posted by Rob Oudendijk on 4/15/2014 (6 items)


Finishing the roof

"Final finish for the roof. Now that the weather is nicer. Photos taken by Sweetje Yuka Hayashi."

From Finishing coat for the roof. Posted by Rob Oudendijk on 4/25/2014 (8 items)


Glueing a house together (Kitty Woods)

Kitty wood progress_2013-07-31_06-49-58 screen shot 2013-07-23 at 10.18.47

Analog make-over of Digital data

Had to change my QR code because I changed my phone number a long time ago but I did have many busnis cards with the old OR code. So I made an Analog make-over of digital data.

[nggallery id=41]

from the balcony

rebuilding Yamada-machi



Floating House Project

currently working on a floating house project see more details on

XPS(Extruded Polystyrene) house.

<br />researching potential sponsors, manufactures, material research for building houses entirely build out of XPS. so they can float in case of rising water levels and will move in case of earthquakes, will be very energy efficient, easy to construct, etc. for more information, take a look for more detail at this