abiko house

homefinalsm.jpgAbiko house was original a classical Japanese house. Free standing with a garden. Build just after the second world war. With tatamis, shoojies, 2.40m height ceiling, dark, simple. Monique van Kerkhof and me modified the home to make it more open and let sunlight be our friend in many ways. We took out the ceiling and where suprised with the beauty of the beams. But we also noticed no isolation on the roof. We installed Styrofoam sheets and took out the sides of the walls above the ceiling. We replaced the walls with transparent Plexiglas so sunlight comes in in the winter and the inside of the house is warmed that way at daytime. If there is no sun or at night we heat the room with a custom made wood stove. Recently we replaced the standard tatami’s with Very dark grey ones of special paper. And we installed mirrors of Plexiglas on the walls.

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bmw-logo.jpgEdited video for BMW Germany homepage together with producer Roland Hagenberg. We created some short documentries for their homepage. With the emfaces on the human/funny aspects of photo shoot done for BMW all over the world. Roland Hagenberg often used his own music to fit the mode of the program. Sample is on BMW UK site (site can be slow when viewed from Japan due to not mirroring in Asia)

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bda_logo.jpgBusiness Development Asia from their website: BDA was established in 1996, since when we have assisted numerous multinational corporations and financial investors to increase strategic value by bringing to bear our knowledge and expertise on transactions and alliances between companies in Asia and the West.

BDA has teams of dedicated professionals located across Asia, the US and Europe with offices in New York, Bahrain, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo and, in association with our European partner Close Brothers Corporate Finance, in London.

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logo-ksm.jpgwork includes:building/maintaining/updating homepage, writting articles, creating video content etc.

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in Japan (NCCJ) is a private and voluntary organisation. Its establishment was officially approved by the Japan Ministry of Trade in 1978. The NCCJ, which currently has more than 58 members, strives to increase its members … Continue readingNCCJ