calvinlifeisshort.jpgNaked we are born,(often) naked we multiply, naked we should be when we die because there isn’t much reason for a dead body to have cloths. This concept of not needing clothing is interesting. We came from the warm plains of Africa and moved north for search of what? Cold? The Neanderthals did have a gene that allowed them to deal with cold much better than we could with our more naked body. But with our ingenuity we outlived them. It seems they lived with us along side a long time but with the end of the last ice age we probably could stand the heat better than them. Or we could manipulate our surroundings better by clothing or housing. Fire was sure one thing needed to keep our nearly hairless bodies warm.

Mental clothing to protect our mind against the cold reality of loneliness with occasionally releases into sharing. Often forgetting that we are so naked makes me think about the performance yesterday of a But-oh group. So beautiful the simplicity of the naked human bodies. So dear if we are not ashamed for it. Or be able to disregard our social pressures to confirming the rules created to harmonizes the local surroundings to be in favor for overall peace than the personal freedom.