new years card 2008-2

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This second card was much more daring but though to restictions of the other darling it is replaced. If you want to see the original click on the picture.

It was taken for a picture I took in Holland of a dead rat that the cat of my sister brought into their boat. It always made me curious about what is life about, How do we live and how we die. We often die not intended but then again as in this case we can continue in other form. We will more and more become virtual untill we finally have to leave our bodies behind. How many generations it will take and how many transitions it will be I have no idea. But like when we started as a human race to build our houses to create a protected environment with our new tools, so we will build virtual houses to protect our mind for the harsh reality of death. Even if our bodies will survive much longer till a point that we will live forever. In the mean time we will have many different compromises.