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chair1.jpgDesign concept for chair/table

– Materials wood/steel/plastic
– Height: 156cm
– Width: 120cm
– Length: 135cm
– Combined functionally of table and chair
– Shaped around person working area
– Easy moving in/out
– Use as much recycle materials
– Light always on table

The chair/table was designed by Rob Oudendijk. The need for designing it came form his living situation in a old Japanese house and not having a dedicated place for putting a “standard” height table and a standard chair. Table needed to be easy moved out of the way for enter and exit of the chair. Simplicity was a concern for integrating it is a mixure of modern and classic Japanese style house (see Easy manufacturing too. Base concept is the use car suspension springs of a small truck. For the main frame

Design date
Summer 2006
Production planned in end 2007/2008

Interactive 3D version is on

A4 drawings